Thursday, August 29, 2013

August 2013

Months without an update... I know I'm such a slacker, but I actually was attempting to use a different type of blog media.. I wasn't keeping up with it either, so I'm back to blogger. Besides this blog contains all the old stuff. 

Now what's been up??
-we are moved in and making our new house our home. I think we made the best decision ever! 
- you are regularly seeing a speech pathologist. She's a new one and she is helping so much! You've come so far in such a short time. You've hit so many new milestones since you've started working with her.
- life is just passing on in a blur!! Everyday seems to just be flying by. We are enjoying every minute of it. Mostly we are completely surrounded by work, family, friends, us time, home projects, learning and developing your communications, and relaxing every chance we get.
- coming up things are about to get crazy as we roll into the month of September. We hit the peak of business at my job which adds on meetings, more hours, and more stressful days. We are hitting everyone's birthday.. Including yours!!! You'll be hitting the big number 3 :) after you turn three we will begin to go to new special preschool classes, starting a dance class, and riding horses. It's all part of the program you are involved in to help your speech skills grow. It's also time to start planning a birthday too. Going fun and simple this year. Ill share some of the details later.

Well I'm ready for it!! Feel like ill be embracing my one little word again- change. It's seriously been the most fitting word for this year. 

Guess I will have to give in and buy this-

I'm just bending my own arm backwards ;) I even sent your dad an email saying how much a want. I don't drop tiny hints.. They are more in your face :)

Ill do my best to keep up here and so far it's looking promising since I'm liking this new app.

Lastly her is the most recent selfie- 

And the currents-
Coming soon...  

Much love kiddo 

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