Friday, February 15, 2013

Currently February 2013

Drinking- the usual... Mt dew. Though I haven't drank so much since I was pregnant

Eating- snacking I should say, but those octopus sour gummy things I'm hooked

Listening- I'm loving the song Radioactive by Imagine Dragons

Watching- the Vampire Diaries

Wearing- my work clothes still. It's a keep calm fight cancer promotional work tee, a pair of silver jeans, and my boobies make me :) smile bracelets

Reading- the hunger games

Feeling- anxious!! We are closing on our first home in only a couple of weeks

Weather- cold but getting warmer.

Wanting- to start decorating out new home! The whole thing from paint to picking out frames

Needing- to continue to pack but I keep browsing Pinterest and watching vampire diaries to do it

Loving- Pinterest!!!! Like everyone

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