Sunday, October 9, 2011

Project Life year 2 project planning and concept

So its time to move on from your 1st year baby album and start your second year. I spent so much time deciding and planning your first one and it went nothing how I planned. I sampled so many ways and found I like Ali Edwards concept with my own twist on it. Now its so eclectic that I LOVE it. I still have a few layouts and a couple things to write down, but overall its complete.

So I've spent the last few days gather all my "wishlist" items that I need to gather over the next month. Reason is one of my most important and favorite items wont be released until sometime in November. I'm not letting that hold me back and throw off how I want to do your album. I'll just have to wait for certain elements of it to come in at a later date. Whats okay about that is the way my approach to a new way of scrapbooking. I really can't get full 12x12 layouts done. In the last year I've only made 12.

So here is how I'll be doing the second year album. Mixed in with a couple other fun projects Ali does

Project Life album inspired by Ali Edwards with Project Life products from Becky Higgins

Here is how I like to lay it out. I've actually done part of your first year album like this... and I loved it! So I know its the way I want to go with the second year. I'm noticing now that there is so many little things I've lost, or things I haven't fully written out in a timely manner and now they are so much that I'm unable to write it all down.

I just feel great about the structural concept and the look of ease that comes with this type of scrapbooking. It captures my two favorite things... photos and journaling. 

I also love this basic spread. 

but I can always add more-

I've already began finding a few items from this week, taken some fantastic photos, and jotted a few things down on the blog I can grab and jot down on journaling cards. Its so fun and so easy!

I need to gather my basic supplies still-

I want this album from We r Memory Keepers
this Project Life kit from Becky Higgins

then I need some page inserts

I can't get anything until November tho. All I can get is the album, but I still can't get the inserts to add things yet so I'm just keeping everything organized so I can print it off in a month and add everything to it. It will take me some extra time then, but after that it will flow smoothly enough that I wont mind.

there are a few things I want to grab from Eva that are just extra for fun items.

and these stickers. also some other journal type stickers. Anything to stick to photos to help me date and label them

I want to grab a few things like tags, a black marker, stickers, washi tape, and little buttons and flowers just to add some more visual interest.

I love LoVe LOVE this album!! I'm so excited to get started and I can't wait to get everything put in.