Thursday, October 13, 2011

omgosh I'm so excited!! Halloween costume decided.

So tonight I was randomly browsing through Pintrest and I found our Halloween costumes!!

I'm so stoked its unreal.

look at this!!!!!-

I'll probably edit a few things like I haven't decided if we will be witches... or something else, and I might alter the colors some, basic idea of it I'm stuck on!!

we will l0+
6ook... what Emma-

that is your attempt to help me write your blog posts... You are only slightly distracted by Despicable Me lol.

anyway child....

Mommy is on a mission! I'm making up my to do/to buy list and I'll be stuck on this project in all spare time that I have. **which isn't much** hmm shoulda thought that when I decided to run a Halloween store ;)

xo Mommy

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