Saturday, February 26, 2011

Life Lessons, Journal Entry 2/26

So it seems to be that I've been slacking the last few weeks... So I better catch up on whats been going on.

Mommy and Daddy are both working, taking all the time we can with you, changing to a healthier lifestyle, and giving you all the love and kisses we can.

You are growing so big, You've almost reached the 5 month mark. You weigh 14 lbs 7 oz and you are in the 75th percentile for height and weight

here is a recent photo

and the most recent of Mommy and Daddy
its not often we grab one together.

we took that one on Valentines Day.

I also made you a super cute layout that shares a life lesson with you..


Journaling reads:
everyday in this world you will learn something new. Its something that I myself strive on. I love learning, making new experiences, and meet new people. I think that is why I do what I do. Its why I cut hair, why I work in customer service, and why I’m so friendly. Underneath it all.. I’m very shy, but thats okay.. Shy people can still do all the things I said above. One very Important life lesson I want to pass down to you is- YOU MUST EXPERIENCE THE WORLD FOR YOURSELF. Please don’t every hold back, don’t ever worry how someone will react, how the will judge you, and worry how mom and dad will feel. We want ytou to break away from this mundane world that so many follow, and do exactly what makes you happy... because I guarantee it will make us happy so very happy for you. We love you.

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