Saturday, February 5, 2011

Journal entry- 2/5/11 Happy 4 months!

So I've been slacking again on my blog.... hmm I have the tendency to do that. So of course now its 1230  am and I'm finding the time to update you. Its okay because even when I forget on here... I do some type of memory keeping! I love memory keeping... i just can't help it. 

I've been taking photos... ohh and I took a great one! 

its from a class I'm taking with Willette Photography! Its called the Joy of Love.

I also Scrapbooked.

I wrote all that tonight. I forgot to copy and re-paste here so it would be easier to read!! ack I'm terrible tonight! I'm stuck with a super bad cold and I'm just not getting over it.

I love you kiddo!
Mommy ;)