Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Sensory Bins- big/small + pretend play

So I've started making sensory bins for you. It would have been a great thing to be doing for the last couple years, but hey better late then never right?! So how did I get started?!

1. Pinterest! That's right it's the usual starting off point for anything I do. It's seriously the best place to go for inspiration. Everytime I get on there I leave inspired to do something new. 
I just created a board and searched sensory bins in the search. Tons of great inspiration out there. 

2. Organize/sort/toss! I went threw what you had already. I was so stinking tired of all those little toys just laying around. The sensory bins serve a dual purpose- storage and creative play. From here on out I'll probably turn every small toy into a  sensory bin. It's better than this-
I mean really get in there create seperate areas with a focus you can turn the bin into.

3. Purchase containers and fillers! The possibilities here are endless. I went the simplest route for the first bin. I went to search around the dollar store! What a great store for cheap stuff. The total out of pocket for this first bin was $3.19.  <-- what a deal! I grabbed a container and two bags of rice (only used one so technically we are looking at $2.00. For the filler I checked around for some how to color rice tips and found the easiest way was to grab a bag, fill it with vinegar and food coloring, then add the rice and shake, and then set the rice to dry. Super easy but-

** WARNING- the rice stinks!!! I've read about adding essential oils. I will for sure add it next time. I can't stand the smell at all.

4. Assemble the bin!! This was the funniest part. I had separated out some random pink and purple toys I had found. I took Pom poms, bracelets, little bits from a pony book, and some other random pink/purples and added them into the rice filler. 

5. Play!! Yep it was so much fun. With this bin we talked about ponies, eating ice cream, big and small, and pretend play. 

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