Saturday, September 22, 2012

Dear Emma- sleepless momma

Currently Im lying in bed hoping to find some type of rest. Its already 5:11 am ... it still hasn't come. You are still unable to find a way to unwind and sleep. Its a build up of complete and uttered wore out and the prospect of sleep is becoming further and further from a possibility. These increasingly longer and longer nights are becoming a normality in our house. It began as a late night... stretched to help daddy catch a few more hours of sleep to a straight up day/night shift. Its stretched so far that we are touching day break. Im beyond the point to even be able to sleep and youve been fussing and crying on and off for over an hour since ive decided its not okay and made you go to sleep. I will close now since I pray that you may have just drifted to sleep. These heavy eyes hope so.
Love one hopelessly sleepy momma.