Wednesday, August 1, 2012

We Will-August 2012

Well we officially made it through that month. I read where someone said how they embraced the madness...  That is EXACTLY what I did this month. 
Between work, home, life, projects, and oh you know raising a 2 year old I'm learning to "just go with it"
I may be entirely short staffed at work, working 12 hour shifts to cover, trying to keep up with the endless house work, keeping up with the everyday things that go along with a two year old, and giving up all extra mommy time... but I'm embracing it and moving on to the month of August with a clear head and light heart. I'm going to start a We Will post at the beginning of every month. They were inspired by Elise's I Choose posts. It will be mine and Emma's take on it. It will be our goals set together for each month.
August 2012-

I love to take stuff and just put a mommy and me twist on it!!