Friday, November 25, 2011

keeping a post up to date?

I don't know, sometimes it seems impossible for me to keep your blog up to date. I do my best but certain things just seem to go to the wayside. I'm working on that lol but thats just simply a fact of life. You never want to load yourself with too many responsibilities, sometimes it sets you up for failure. Its simply because not one person can do it all! I've learned to narrow down my activities, hobbies, 
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this is you deciding you would like to help me with this post, get me off topic and all. you do that quite often. I walked away long enough to find you a pacifier, which you simply need to have but they are never anywhere you seem to look, but yes I walk away for that and I come back to you SITTING on my laptop! You are so funny! you are always doing something totally random yet super hilarious, usually something that's bad. 

okay okay I just finished up a whole day of thanksgiving and cooking, late night, early morning black friday, and now I've reached the end of all that and hit 12am on Saturday... I think that's a sign to sign off and get some sleep.
xo momma